C8101 MD Anderson Tree and Gifts Yard by The Round Top Collection - FancySchmancyDecor
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MD Anderson Tree and Gifts Yard by The Round Top Collection.

This can be used on the tabletop with easel, stake or hung with attached hanger.

MD Anderson Children's Art Project has invited The Round Top Collection to share the artwork of children who are overcoming their battle with cancer. The Round Top Collection now offers MD Anderson Children's Art Project designs for every season.  The Round Top Collection donates 10% of sales proceeds return to the Children's Art Project to fund patient-focused programs that care for and support pediatric patients and their families.

Daniela was diagnosed with melanoma when she was just 3 years old and soon traveled to MD Anderson for treatment. During her time at the hospital, she was introduced to the art program and quickly became a regular participant. Daniela loves pretend play and recently mimicked a nurse, a sign of her abundant creativity. Like any child these days, she loves texting and talking on her dad's old phone. At home in Brownsville, Texas, she is thriving and looking forward to kindergarten next fall. Favorite color: purple Favorite foods: Fruit, especially mangos Favorite activities: singing, dancing, going to the beach, and riding her bicycle Favorite movie theme: Princess anything

Item #C8101
Measures  31" x 1" x 22"